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Fully Insured, Arb Approved Tree Surgeons & Consultants

Call us on 01902 892652

Fully Insured, Arb Approved
Tree Surgeons & Consultants

Tree Services

We offer a full arboricultural service – Surveying, Consultancy, Tree Surgery and Tree Planting.

Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd provide a comprehensive range of services to our Domestic & Residential Customers

Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd was founded in 1986, originally servicing the home tree care market. Despite our growth into commercial tree surgery, as a company our roots have always remained firmly with our private customers, servicing our loyal client base throughout Wolverhampton and the surrounding towns and villages.

Our knowledge and expertise allows us to complete all manner of tree work safely and efficiently. With a solid investment in equipment built up over time, we are able to remain competitively priced regardless of the size of the job.

ARB Approved Contractors

Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd hold a number of professional accreditations. The most prestigious of which being Arb Approved.

The Arb Association act as our industries governing body and carry out independent auditing to ensure a companies standards are of the highest quality. Not only are the standards of work assessed, but also the companies health and safety compliance. 

In short, choosing an Arb Approved contractor helps assist you in taking the guess work out of choosing a tree surgeon to carry out your work.

Professional Accreditations

Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd are a fully accredited arboricultural company. We undertake regular assessments to ensure we are industry compliant and equipped with all necessary paperwork and provisions in place to provide services to our commercial clients.