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Fully Insured, Arb Approved Tree Surgeons & Consultants

Call us on 01902 892652

Fully Insured, Arb Approved
Tree Surgeons & Consultants

Site Clearance

Specialists in large scale site clearance and vegetation management works.

Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd
commercial site clearance projects

We are specialists in large-scale site clearance of trees and vegetation, and as a company have invested heavily in the right machinery for the job. However, here at Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd, we also understand the importance of using specialists, which is why we created the Wolves Tree Network. This resource allows us to take on large scale site clearance and use specialist contractors to ensure jobs sites are cleared as swiftly as possible whilst ensuring professional safety standards are maintained.

The Wolves Tree Network provides our prospective commercial site clearance clients, with a single point of contact, providing fully accredited contractors with all necessary paperwork in place and ready to work.

Such a network opens up a huge resource of tree and scrub clearance machinery to us, meaning we can dictate the most cost-effective and efficient plan with no restrictions due to the lack of appropriate equipment.

Who do we undertake site clearance for?

Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd have a growing list of commercial clients throughout the UK, from pub and restaurant chains to housing developers and social housing providers. Read our commercial tree services page for more information on our countrywide tree and scrub management services.

Low Impact Site Clearance

As a company, we are committed to working closely alongside ecologists during any site clearance or vegetation/scrub removal project. This ensures we are meeting our legal and moral duties as a contractor to avoid damaging any wildlife and minimising our overall impact on the environment.

Thanks to the large array of machinery at our disposal we are able to select the most appropriate piece of equipment. For particularly sensitive sites, all clearance work will be undertaken using low impact forestry machinery to remove waste to a more accessible area for our larger equipment to deal with.

One thing we have learned over the years, is that there is always a workable solution to every problem. The Wolves Tree Network makes finding these solutions easier than ever before.

Site Clearance and the Wolves Tree Network

For our customers with a larger footprint we offer a networking service. Over several years we have built up a network of trusted Tree Surgeons and Site Clearance contractors that adhere to our companies principles. Thanks to this incentive, we are able to offer site clearance across the Midlands to the high standards of Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd. Contractors within our network are able to undertake site clearance and vegetation management contracts, as well as offering these additional services:

wolves tree network

Professional Accreditations

Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd are a fully accredited arboricultural company. We undertake regular assessments to ensure we are industry compliant and equipped with all necessary paperwork and provisions in place to provide services to our commercial clients.