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Fully Insured, Arb Approved Tree Surgeons & Consultants

Call us on 01902 892652

Fully Insured, Arb Approved
Tree Surgeons & Consultants

PQS Approved

Wolves Tree Network offers services throughout the UK – Surveying, Consultancy, Tree Surgery and Tree Planting.

Join Our Approved Contractor List

Sub-contractors wishing to work with us on our expanding range of contracts across the UK must first demonstrate that they have the appropriate company health and safety systems and processes in place which ensure their staff are able to safely access our networks.

We will undertake checks to ensure that the contractor is a member of one of the organisations which form part of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) endorsed, Safe Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), accreditation process. The HSE has brought together numerous existing Health and Safety accreditation bodies under the Safe Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) umbrella.

We have partnered with the PQS Pre-Qualification- Scheme™ to fulfil our subcontractor pre-qualification duties. PQS is an independent and approved SSIP Registered Member Scheme.

PQS offers the simplest, fastest, and lowest priced means of achieving Health & Safety Approval with an SSIP Registered Member Scheme.

You will therefore need to register with the PQS Pre-Qualification-Scheme™, and fulfil our approved list minimum requirements:>

    • PQS SSIP Health & Safety Approval – apply and hold a valid PQS SSIP assessment
    • Insurance – upload your public liability insurance details and policy document, and where appropriate your employers liability.

If you already hold a valid SSIP certificate, then please register with PQS and apply
via the Deem to Satisfy route.

Please note this approval process is no guarantee of any future contractual engagement. Approved subcontractors will be contracted if and when suitable opportunities arise.

To find out more about PQS visit www.pqscheme.com.

Additional Accreditations

Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd are a fully accredited arboricultural company. We undertake regular assessments to ensure we are industry compliant and equipped with all necessary paperwork and provisions in place to provide services to our commercial clients.
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