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Fully Insured, Arb Approved
Tree Surgeons & Consultants

Tree Surveys &

Did you know that we can provide a range of Arboricultural Consultancy services

Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd can produce a tree survey for Mortgage Reports, planning, Risk Management, & more

Risk Management Surveys

Under the Occupiers Liability Act landowners have a legal responsibility to manage trees appropriately so that they do not present an unreasonable risk to persons or property. Carrying out a periodic inspection of trees on your property helps to mitigate this and can inform the decision making process to manage your tree stock.
Our Consultant will visit your site and carry out a Tree Survey, this involves a thorough inspection of the trees and producing a report of the findings, using the principles of VTA (Visual Tree Assessment) and QTRA (Quantified Tree Risk Assessment). Our Consultant is a QTRA Licensed user, PTI (Professional Tree Inspection) certified and a member of the Consulting Arborists Society (CAS)

Mortgage Reports

Insurers and Mortgage Providers often require a Tree Survey or Report prior to making an agreement. WTSL can provide you with an appropriate survey assessing the relevant trees on the property, their condition and making comments on risks to structural stability of the property.

BS5837 Planning and Development Surveys

Planning legislation dictates that the impact of new developments on trees and their environment are assessed and that important trees are protected throughout the development process. WTSL can provide a comprehensive Tree Survey of trees on site, we can work with developers to ensure that they are meeting the requirements of the Local Authority and to ensure that appropriate protection is in place for valued trees, this can include Impact Assessments and Arboricultural Method Statements.


We can provide consultancy services for a number of other reasons, including tree related damage (subsidence, heave, etc.), working on trees with protection (Tree Preservation Orders/Conservation Areas), veteran tree management and invasive species management (Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed).

Ecology Surveys

Our Ecology Consultant can also provide a wide range of services including: 

Phase 1 Habitat Survey
Habitat Management Plans
Desktop Data Survey
Ecological Reports
Protected Species Mitigation
Ecological Impact Assessment (EIA)
National Vegetation Assessment (NVA)
Nesting Bird Survey

Please contact us to discuss your Tree or Ecology Survey requirements.

Decay Detection

Using a Resistograph, Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd are able to accurately measure the level of any decay in trees that are believed to be structurally compromised.

The Resistograph uses a narrow diameter bit to drill up to 20 inches into a stem with minimal damage to the tree. The inbuilt computer is able to measure the amount of resistance encountered by the drill bit, and provides a reading which can then be analysed by one of our qualified arboriculturalists.

Taking the species of the tree into consideration, it can then be determined within reasonable parameters if the tree is hollow, decayed, or solid.

Resistograph testing helps take the guesswork out of the equation when choosing whether to condemn potentially dangerous trees. Rather than needlessly removing a mature tree based on external defects, instead, we are able to obtain solid evidence as to the condition of the tree’s internal structure.

For more information on Resistograph testing in Wolverhampton or the surrounding areas get in touch with Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd.

Air Spading

An Air Spade is a specialist tool that uses compressed air to excavate the area within a tree’s root zone. This can be done for a variety of purposes, but most commonly during construction. Using an Air Spade allows the arborist to expose the roots of a tree without causing any damage. Once this work has been completed, the tree’s root structure can be more readily assessed, and any required root pruning can therefore be done with minimal impact to the tree’s health.

In addition to root excavation, the Air Spade can also be used as a means of de-compacting the soil around trees that experience high traffic, be it vehicular or pedestrian. Such compacted root zones can lead to decline, and taking actions to mitigate this can yield significant health benefits to the tree.

Speak to one of our tree consultants for more information and advice on our Air Spade service.