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Fully Insured, Arb Approved Tree Surgeons & Consultants

Call us on 01902 892652

Fully Insured, Arb Approved
Tree Surgeons & Consultants

Wolves Tree

We offer a nationwide arboricultural service – Surveying, Consultancy, Tree Surgery and Tree Planting.

About The Wolves Tree Network

Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd have worked for a national Pub and Restaurant chain for over 20 years. In 2018, after an internal restructure of their surveying department, we became their sole point of contact for all arboricultural works carried out at their sites throughout the UK.

To save us from operating all over the country, and to provide a rapid and responsive service we started using local sub-contract Tree Surgeons to attend the sites and carry out the work on our behalf.

We developed an application and vetting process to ensure we are using professional and reputable companies. We follow up with the sites to ensure they are satisfied with the standard of work and conduct of the teams on site. We also carry out site visits to assess the sub-contractors and ensure they are meeting the high standards that The Wolves Tree Network expects.

This service has grown and developed, with a few contractors in key location areas for the client carrying out regular work on our behalf. This service has grown to the point that we have partnered with PQS Pre Qualification Service to help manage our approved suppliers list. This means we can ensure that the sub-contractors we use are up to date with their accreditations and insurance.

We are also looking to expand this unique service and offer it out to more prospective customers. This service is ideally suited to businesses with a dispersed operations base covering multiple sites, for example, pub chains, care homes, school academies, retail operators, etc. We can take some of the headaches out of organising your tree care and ensuring you are meeting your corporate responsibilities.

Nationwide Tree Surveys

We can arrange Tree condition Surveys at your sites, carry out identified remedial works, provide a responsive service including out of hours emergencies. All these services are carried out on a national scale which allows us to build up a tree asset register for our clients, thus enabling them to maintain their trees on a more pro-active basis.

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Our Accreditations

Wolverhampton Tree Service Ltd are a fully accredited arboricultural company. We undertake regular assessments to ensure we are industry compliant and equipped with all necessary paperwork and provisions in place to provide services to our commercial clients.